B.S., University of Florida
M.S., University of Florida
Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Description of Research Interests

Current research interests focus on pre-harvest control of carcass composition and meat quality in beef and pork. This includes up-regulation of lean accretion and its impact on product quality and meat tenderness, as well as, manipulation of the lipid composition of meat products. Additionally, research is focused on the prediction of carcass composition and meat quality in the live animal, using real-time ultrasound.

Selected Organizations and Appointments

American Meat Science Association
American Society of Animal Science
National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

Courses Taught

ADSC 2010 - Introductory Animal and Dairy Science
ADSC 3200 - Evaluation and Composition of Livestock
ADSC 3650 - Introductory Meat Science
ADSC 3910 - Internship in Animal and Dairy Science
ADSC 6170 - Experimental Techniques in Meat Science and Muscle Biology

Selected Recent Publications

Smith, K.R., S.K. Duckett, M.J. Azain, and T.D. Pringle. 2006. The effect of implant strategies on lipid deposition in feedlot steers and heifers. J. Anim. Sci. Accepted.

Kannan, G., K.M. Galiyaram, S. Galipalli, A. Carmichael, B. Kouakou, T.D. Pringle, K.W. McMillin, and S. Gelaye. 2006. Meat quality in goats as influenced by dietary protein and energy levels, and postmortem aging. Small Ruminant Res. 61:45-52.

Mimbs, K. J., T. D. Pringle, M. J. Azain, S. A. Meers, and T. A. Armstrong. 2005. The effects of Paylean on growth performance and ultrasound accretion rates of pigs phenotypically sorted into fat and lean groups. J. Anim. Sci. 83:1361-1369.

Kouakou, B., S. Gelaye, G. Kannan, T. D. Pringle, and E. A. Amoah. 2005. Blood metabolites, meat quality and muscle calpain-calpastain activities in goats treated with low doses of recombinant bovine somatotropin. Small Ruminant Res. 57 (2-3):203-212.

Liu, Y., B. G. Lyon, W. R. Windham, C.E. Realini, S.K. Duckett, and T.D. Pringle. 2003. Prediction of color, texture, and sensory characteristics of beef steaks by visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy. A feasibility study. Meat Sci. 65(3):1107-1115.

Realini, C. E., R. E. Williams, T. D. Pringle, and J. K. Bertrand. 2001. Gluteus medius and rump fat depths as additional live animal ultrasound measurements for predicting retail product and trimmable fat in beef carcasses. J. Anim. Sci. 79:1378-1385.

Pringle, T.D. and S.E. Williams. 2001. Carcass traits, cut yields, and compositional end points in high lean yielding pork carcasses: Effects of 10th rib backfat and loin eye area. J. Anim. Sci. 79:115-121.