Gary J. Burtle Associate Professor Animal & Dairy Science
Portrait of Gary J. Burtle
Mailing Address Tifton, CAES Campus 2360 Rainwater Road, Tifton, GA 31793
Shipping Address Tifton, CAES Campus 110 Research Way, Bldg 4603, Tifton, GA 31794

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Portrait of Gary J. Burtle


Dr. Burtle is an Extension Aquaculture Specialist and conducts applied research related to fish nutrition and warm water aquaculture at the University of Georgia Tifton location. Projects involve channel catfish, hybrid catfish, planktivorous fish, freshwater bass, and freshwater prawns. He has Extension programing responsibilities for aquaculture system management, aquaculture development, fish disease diagnostics, fish-pond management, and aquatic weed control. He teaches junior-senior level courses in aquaculture and animal science at UGA-Tifton. His non-academic experience includes work in the catfish industry as a processing plant manager, fish farm manager, chemist, and consultant.
He is the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences liaison to the Georgia Aquaculture Association, a member of the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center Technical Committee, the Tri-state Aquaculture Committee, American Fisheries Society Small Impoundment Committee, World Aquaculture Society, and American Society of Animal Scientists.

B.S., University of Illinois
Post-Graduate education, John Carroll University, Auburn University
Ph.D., Auburn University

Description of Research and Extension Interests

I conduct research in channel catfish nutrition to address the need for more efficient feeds which also improve the health of fish, pond water quality and use in irrigation, and biological control of parasitic diseases.

Projects involve channel catfish, hybrid catfish, planktivorous fish, freshwater prawns, and white legged shrimp. Natural resource conservation projects include Suwannee bass reproduction for stock enhancement, pond water quality related to cyanobacteria toxins, and invasive aquatic species issues. I have Extension programing responsibilities for aquaculture management, aquaculture development, disease diagnostics, sport fish pond management, and aquatic weed control.

Courses Taught

ADSC 3660 - Warmwater Aquaculture

ADSC 4010 - Issues in Animal Agriculture

Recent Selected Publications

Burtle, G.J. 2017. Emerging Anthropogenic Pollution and its Effects on our Aquatic Resources: Recent Advances in Fish Kill and Pollution Event Investigations. 147th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society. August 20-24, 2017, Tampa.

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Web Publications

Burtle, G.J. 2019. Aquaculture: Aquaculture Unit Website. Projects, Pond consultant list, Ask-a-Question, Presentations, County Agent Portal.

Burtle, Gary J., G. Larry Newton, D. Craig Sheppard. 2012. Mass Production of Black Soldier Fly Prepupae for Aquaculture Diets. Engormix