Animal Science

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The animal science curriculum is designed to provide technical and applied instruction in the biological, physical, technical and economical aspects of beef, horse, sheep, goat and swine production. The program of study includes application of basic principles of selection, breeding, nutrition, reproduction, feeding and management of livestock for the production of meat, milk and wool. Our equine program of study is also an application of basic and applied sciences to equine production for horses used as work or companion animals.

A program containing courses of a more basic nature can be taken by students who desire a career in science related fields or who wish to pursue graduate or professional degrees. This major contains all courses required for entry in the College of Veterinary Medicine. "Hands on" work experience with all the above species is available to students via internships or part time jobs.

Transfer Students

Students transferring to this major should have taken the following courses: BIOL 1107-1107L, 1108-1108L; CHEM 1211, 1211L, 1212, 1212L; Organic Chemistry; MATH 1113.


Scholarships are available to animal ccience majors through the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Department of Animal and Dairy.

Career Opportunities

The curriculum in animal science is designed to prepare students for careers as:

  • Livestock producers
  • Farm managers
  • Animal science specialists
  • County extension agents
  • Vocational agriculture teachers
  • Research technicians

Students are also qualified for careers in agribusiness with:

  • Meat processing companies
  • Feed manufacturers
  • Breed associations
  • Animal health companies
  • Livestock marketing organizations
  • Livestock equipment and supply companies
  • Livestock publications
  • Related fields

Program Contact

C. Robert Dove Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
Animal & Dairy Science

Current Student Contact

Afton Landram Hartzog Senior Advisor
Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs