University and department research and teaching assistantships are available for qualified applicants. Most Ph.D. and MS students (thesis only) are on 35 percent time assistantships. For the 2024 year, these carry a stipend of $1,804.85 per month for Ph.D. students and $1,670.02  for M.S. students doing a thesis. In addition, resident or nonresident students awarded assistantships are granted tuition waivers but are required to pay approximately $1,150 in fees per semester. There is no assistantship support for the non-thesis master’s degree program.

Funds for assistantships come from different sources and are available on a competitive basis. Sources include general university awards, departmental assistantships, and sponsored research programs. The awarding of an assistantship is by the faculty mentor. It is recommended that prospective students make direct contact with faculty working in their areas of interest regarding availability of funding.

Applicants should review available research programs in the department and find a faculty member with whom you are interested in working prior to applying to the graduate school.

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