Beef Cattle Nutrition

The beef cattle nutrition program at UGA focuses on basic and applied approaches to improving the efficiency of beef production. The research program is a collaborative effort across several disciplines at the university including Animal Science, Crop and Soil Science, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, and Population Health. Beef cattle nutrition has several major areas of current research:

  1. The use of byproduct feeds,
  2. utilization of management intensive grazing,
  3. nutritional programs for post-weaning management of calves,
  4. investigating the ruminal kinetics of forage and feedstuff digestion,
  5. forage quality determination using in vitro digestibility, chemical analyzes, and dry matter intake.

Anyone interested in pursuing graduate studies in these, or additional, areas, please contact us.


Lawton Stewart Professor and Extension Coordinator
Animal & Dairy Science
Jennifer J. Tucker Associate Professor
Animal & Dairy Science