Lawton Stewart Professor and Extension Coordinator Animal & Dairy Science
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Portrait of Lawton Stewart

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Dr. Lawton Stewart is a Professor and Extension Beef Cattle Specialist at the University of Georgia.  A native of Georgia, he received his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at the University of Georgia, an MS in Agronomy, emphasizing Forage Management, at the University of Florida, and PhD at Virginia Tech in Animal Science, with an emphasis in Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization.  After completing his PhD, Lawton spent a year in Kentucky as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with Alltech, Inc. and the University of Kentucky investigating nitrogen metabolism in ruminants.  Lawton joined the University of Georgia in June of this 2008 as an Extension Livestock Specialist. 

B.S., University of Georgia: Animal Science
M.S., University of Florida: Agronomy, Forage Management
Ph.D., Virginia Tech: Animal Science: Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization

Description of Extension and Research Interests

At UGA, Dr. Stewart is responsible for the statewide extension and applied research in beef cattle nutrition and management.  Dr. Stewart has built a synergistic education and research program that has leveraged knowledge, collaboration, communication, and technology to improve the livelihood of Georgia’s beef cattle producers.  His goal is to assist producers to improve production and efficiency in their herd, but also to evaluate other opportunities in beef cattle production such as preconditioning/backgrounding, stockering, and retained ownership.