Many farmers in Georgia rely on swine production for part of their income, and hogs continue to be a part of Georgia's historic and current agricultural heritage. View some of our Extension publications on swine.

Swine resources from UGA Extension

C. Robert Dove
C. Robert Dove Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
Animal & Dairy Science
Popular Swine Publications from UGA Extension
Windows User-Friendly Feed Formulation for Poultry and Swine
(RB 438)
This publication (WUFFDA) provides a program designed to help formulate feeds for poultry and swine. It is available in the following languages: Afrikaanse, Chinese, Croatian, English, French, Korean, Minnesotan, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Farsi.
Small Farm Nutrient Management Primer: For Un-permitted Animal Feeding Operations
(B 1293)
Producers need to be aware of the impacts that manure can have on water and air quality. However, management of manure and other byproducts of livestock and poultry production has important impacts on farm profitability, neighbor relations and protecting soil and water quality. This publication covers: Farm and Homestead Maps; Manure Storage and Treatment; Nutrient Budgeting with Nitrogen and Phosphorus; Land Application of Manure and Fertilizers; Grazing Land; Pesticide and Chemical Management for Water Quality; Mortality Management; Record Keeping; Coexisting with Neighbors; Emergency Action Plans; and other resources.
2023 Pork Outlook
(AP 130-1-08)
1. 2022 U.S. pork prices continue to increase because of the limited number of slaughter-ready pigs. 2. Good outlook for 2023 as feed prices likely decrease and export demand increases.
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