Areas of Research

Animal Breeding and Genetics

Research in animal breeding and genetics is primarily concerned with the development and implementation of genetic evaluation programs in swine, beef and dairy cattle.

Applied Research in Horses

Learn about the opportunities for graduate research and assistantship support in equine science, current faculty researchers and browse horse-related articles and extension publications.

Beef Cattle Nutrition

The beef cattle nutrition program at UGA focuses on basic and applied approaches to improving the efficiency of beef production.

Dairy Cattle Research

Dairy cattle research focuses on nutrition, heat stress physiology and management, reproductive physiology and milk and mastitis quality.

Meats and Muscle Biology

Meats and muscle biology encompasses all phases of meat science research from growth and development to the production of new products for today's changing consumer. This program combines both basic and applied research to meet the needs of the meat industry.

Regenerative Medicine

Human and domestic livestock stem cells offer a unique opportunity to study developmental biology, serve as a resource to screen for harmful toxins or life saving drugs or even regenerative therapies for a number of diseases. Learn more about this area of research.

Swine Nutrition and the Environment

Current areas of swine nutrition and environment research relate to identifying nutritional and pharmacological means of improving the efficiency and profitability of pork production while addressing the impact of odors and critical nutrients in the wastes produced.

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