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Portrait of Romdhane Rekaya


Dr. Rekaya is a Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics at the University of Georgia. He received an agriculture engineer degree from the Hight Institute of Agriculture, Tunisia, a Master of Science from the International Center for Advanced Studies in Mediterranean Agriculture of Zaragoza, Spain, and a PhD from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Rekaya has an extensive experience in quantitative genetics, genomics, biostatistics and bioinformatics. His research program is centered in the development of statistical and computational tools for analysis for big genetic and genomic data sets with application in livestock, poultry and human. Dr. Rekaya’s research has been supported by several federal, state and private funding agencies including the USDA NRI, AFRI and NIFA programs, NAAB, the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for beef, Cobbs-Vantress, Inc., Merial, Inc., and Tyson Foods. He has published 134 refereed journal articles, 4 book chapters, and over 170 abstracts and proceedings.

Dr. Rekaya is an adjunct professor at the Statistics department and an associate faculty member with the Institute of Bioinformatics at UGA. He has taught several international courses in Canada, Norway, Brazil and Kenya.

Agriculture Engineer, Ecole Superieur d’Agriculture de Mateur, Tunisia
M.S., International Center for Advanced Studies in Mediterranean Agriculture, Zaragoza, Spain
Ph.D., Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain

Research Interests

Dr. Rekaya’s primary research interest is in the improvement of the statistical methodology used in the genetic evaluation of livestock and poultry species for the improvement of production, health and efficiency traits. Dramatic increase in the available amount of phenotypic, pedigree and molecular data has created unprecedented opportunities for genetic improvement and for a better understanding of the genetic basis of complex traits. However, it has created major management and analysis challenges. Solving these challenges requires the development of appropriate statistical and computational tools. Dr. Rekaya research is centered in developing these resources using classical and Bayesian statistics, bioinformatics, and machine learning approaches.


Bayesian Inferences with applications to Animal Agriculture
QTL mapping and Microarray Gene Expression Data Analysis - Syllabus

Selected Recent Publications

González-Cerón, F., R. Rekaya, and S.E. Aggrey. (2015). Genetic analysis of bone quality traits and growth in a random mating broiler population. Pout. Sci. 94(5): 883-889

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