Anderson Alves Assistant Professor Animal & Dairy Science
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Contact Information 706-542-1852
Mailing Address Athens, CAES Campus 425 River Road, Athens, GA 30677
Shipping Address Athens, CAES Campus 425 River Road, Athens, GA 30677

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Portrait of Anderson Alves



Dr. Anderson A. C. Alves is an Assistant Professor in Precision Livestock Science and Data Analytics. Originally from Brazil, he earned his Master’s Degree in Animal Science from the Federal University of Ceara in 2016. Subsequently, he obtained his Doctoral degree in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Sao Paulo State University in 2019. Dr. Alves served as a Lecturer at the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Maranhao (Brazil) until 2021. After this period, he joined the University of WisconsinMadison, where he worked as a Research Associate before joining UGA.

Dr. Alves focuses on the development and application of efficient statistical learning methods and computational tools for analyzing large livestock data. His research program centers on integrating on‑farm sensor data and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for animal monitoring. The overarching goal is to create decision‑making tools that support efficient management, ultimately contributing to sustainable livestock farming. Moreover, his lab employs high-throughput phenotyping techniques—advanced methods for rapidly and efficiently measuring various traits—alongside modern molecular technologies. This combined approach aims to investigate the genetic basis of novel and hard-to-measure traits. The lab's mission is to harness cutting-edge technologies to enhance animal production, reproduction, welfare, and health, thereby supporting efficient and sustainable livestock farming.

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