MeatDawgs Win!

The meat judging team had a great first outing to the fall semester winning High Team Overall at the Iowa State University Meat Judging Contest! This is the team’s second win for the judging season. The team dominated as they were named high team in beef judging, lamb judging, pork judging and questions while also being named second high team in placings and third high team in beef grading. The individual awards are as follows:

•    Levi Martin was named second high individual overall as well as second high individual in lamb judging and placings.
•    Clint Lee was named third high individual overall being high individual in lamb judging and second high individual in questions.
•    Anna Unger was named high individual in beef judging.
•    Preston Nave was named third high individual in questions.
•    Cason Galloway was named third high individual in the alternates division.

The team is looking forward to the two final contests of the year both held in October, the American Royal on October 16th and the High Plains on October 30th which serves as the National Championship contest.

meatdawgsAnna Scott, Levi Martin, Cason Galloway, Anna Unger, Clint Lee, Preston Nave, Dr. Terry Houser