The Master Cattlemen’s Program delivers a practical, science-based production management curriculum to Georgia’s beef producers.  University of Georgia Extension Agents work with industry experts to deliver classes on beef cattle topics such as nutrition, facilities, forages, economics, marketing, foreign animal diseases, agro-terrorism, general herd health, external parasites, reproduction, Beef Quality Assurance, sire selection, record keeping and Georgia Cattlemen’s Association goals.  The materials are intended to help Georgia beef producers be more profitable and sustainable. Participants meet one night a week for eight weeks.  Over the eight week period, attendees learn and discuss current issues, meet industry experts, and network with area producers. The program is held in the fall and winter of each year, and rotate between the four regions of Georgia. 2024 SOUTHEAST GEORGIA MASTER CATTLEMAN PROGRAM Mondays beginning January 22nd at 6PM Location: Toombs County Extension Office - 300 Bulldog Road Lyons, GA 30436
Jan 22
01/22 - 03/11 Southeast Georgia Master Cattleman Program - Presented by the UGA Beef Team
The Top Hand Stockmanship and Stewardship Program is a series of cattle handling contests designed to educate and equip Georgia’s youth with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be successful advocates and/or employees for the beef industry. The UGA Beef Team and the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association teamed up with cattle producers and UGA Research/Teaching herds across Georgia to provide three Regional Contests in Athens, Carrolton and Alapaha for the chance to compete for the state title. This contest is now open to 8th-12th grade students in Georgia!  Each team will consist of three members. Teams must be entered on an official entry form and provide a completed permission form, which will include each team member's parent's signature indicating their permission for their child to participate.  Contest Dates: 4/10 - Alapaha/Tifton 4/17 - Carrollton 4/24- Athens Please visit our website for full contest information, resources and registration!   Questions About This Program?  Contact: Jason Duggin(706) Dylan Davis(706) Marrissa Blackwell(706)
Apr 10
4:00PM - 6:00PM Top Hand Stockmanship and Stewardship Contest