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The University of Georgia's Beef Team is comprised of faculty members that are directly involved in beef cattle education. The goal of this team is to enrich the availability of beef cattle information for producers and County Extension Agents. View Extension publications on beef and the UGA Beef Team blog feed.

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Lawton Stewart Professor and Extension Coordinator
Animal & Dairy Science
Recent Beef Publications from UGA Extension
Measuring the Dry Matter Content of Feeds
(SB 58)
Adjust rations for the dry matter (DM) content of each feed, especially when wet feeds, such as silage, are fed. Small changes in the DM content will change the nutrient profile of the ration. The potential results of not monitoring the DM content of wet feeds and adjusting rations accordingly are a combination of problems including decreased animal performance and feed efficiency and increased health problems and feed cost.
Water Requirements and Quality Issues for Cattle
(SB 56)
Water is the most important nutrient for cattle. It accounts for 50 to 80 percent of an animal's weight and is involved in every physiological process. Cattle cannot adapt to water restriction and feed intake greatly decreases if water is restricted. Water availability and quality can become a major issue during a drought. It is important to check water sources frequently for water availability and quality during a drought.
Drought-Related Cattle Feeding Problems
(SB 51)
Drought does not develop overnight but progressively over time. Proper management during a drought period can make or break a producer's ability to stay in the cattle business. One main concern during a drought period is feeding and nutrition of the cow herd. Several problems could arise due to drought conditions. A good producer should stay alert for warning signs and avoid potentially damaging situations.
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