Blue Key Society Initiates Chosen

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2022-2023 Blue Key Society Initiates chosen

The 2022 Initiation Ceremony was held on April 3, at the UGA Chapel. The University of Georgia Chapter of the Blue Key Honor Society has completed its selection process and has chosen 75 outstanding students for the 2022-2023 membership. Two ADS students have been chosen as 2022-2023 Blue Key Initiates, Kathryn A. Jernick and Alexandra J. Thompson.

Founded in 1926, the University of Georgia chapter of the Blue Key Honor Society is the third oldest chapter of the national organization and is governed by its constitution. UGA Blue Key recognizes second, third, and fourth-year undergraduate students, as well as graduate and professional students of outstanding character and ability who have achieved distinction in three key areas: scholarship, leadership, and service. Members join a roster of elite UGA alumni who have been inducted into the society over the last nine decades. Each year, awards and scholarships are given at annual events.

The Blue Key National Honor Society is a general honor society that bases its eligibility on all-around leadership in student life, high scholastic achievement, and service to others. This organization is unique in that it recognizes students at colleges and universities throughout the nation for an exemplary and balanced record of achievement inside and outside the classroom. Blue Key celebrates and honors the many accomplishments of its membership. Its members express leadership through engagement in service activities that enhance the well-being and reputation of the institution and the greater community.

Blue Key initiates deserving students who have a demonstrated record of success and excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service every spring. Blue Key salutes observable meritorious achievement and continued growth, development, and leadership by example. Blue Key National Honor Society recognizes the uppermost percentile of students who have a distinguished and balanced record in all areas.