ASAS Southern Section Meeting

UGA ADS brings home top honors from Ft. Worth

The UGA Department of Animal and Dairy Science had several faculty and students in attendance at the 2022 Southern Section American Society of Animal Science meeting held recently in Ft. Worth, Texas. Three UGA graduate students participated in the 3MT (MS and Ph.D.) graduate student competitions along with students from other colleges and universities from across the southern region. Students Andrea Osorio (Ph.D. student – UGA Tifton), Kendall Whatley (MS student – UGA Tifton), and Matthew Holton (MS student - Athens) presented research from their program at this meeting.

  • Matthew Holton, MS student advised by Dr. Pedro Fontes, placed 1st the MS level competition presenting his research “Early Pregnancy Diagnosis in bos taurus beef Replacement Heifers Using Color Doppler Ultrasonography,”
  • Kendall Whatley, advised by Dr. Jennifer Tucker, placed 3rd discussing “Incorporating Crabgrass in Southern Pasture Systems to Improve Animal Performance.”
  • In the Ph.D. level competition, Andrea Osorio, advised by Dr. Darren Henry, placed 2nd presenting on “Herbage accumulation and nutritive value of legume-grass baleage: a comparison of alfalfa-bermudagrass and red clover-bermudagrass in the Southeast”.

Ft-Worth-photoPictured left to right: Matthew Holton, Andrea Osorio, Kendall Whatley, and Justin Burt