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When we began doing our Animal and Dairy Science newsletter in May, 2019, one of the main purposes was to let alumni, supporters, and students learn about our faculty and their research, teaching, and Extension programs. In this issue, we finish with our faculty introductions with Todd Callaway and Jeferson Lourenco. As the newsletter goes forward, we will highlight more of our student and club activities as well as doing spotlights on some of the programs we have. A lot of people have asked for production articles, but we have other ways that we’re trying to deliver that information. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for the beef team newsletter through Beef Tips ‘n Advice. There are multiple sites for dairy information, such as DairyFax Newsletter or Dairy On, the UGA Dairy Team Blog. You can also go to the ADS dairy page to find links to several resources. A great way to learn about upcoming events for beef cattle is through the UGA Beef Team’s Facebook page and if you want to know what a great group of students with a dairy interest are doing, go to the UGA Dairy Science Club’s Facebook page. Also on Facebook is the  UGA Block and Bridle Club so you can find out what they've been doing. There are a lot of ways to stay in touch with our students.

On February 9, we held the 26th Focus on Genetically Enhanced EPD's sale. The sale was a success thanks to the hard work of a lot of people including Carroll and Patsie Cannon, Brooklyn Graham with Live Auctions.TV, David Gazda, and Tammy Cheely. The lot 1 heifer raised $4,200 for the UGA Block and Bridle Scholarship Fund, the lot 2 heifer raised $2,700 for the UGA Block and Bridle Club, and 37 bulls averaged $3,148, while 12 commercial yearling heifers averaged $1,791. Thanks to all our buyers! I want to thank the Eatonton Beef Research Farm staff, Kip McMillan, Chad Westmoreland, Caleb Williams, Tim Hunnicutt, and Keith Burston for raising an excellent set of cattle and doing the registrations. Thanks to EVERYONE who helped with our sale, and huge Thank You goes to the bidders and buyers who supported us with their purchases.

I hope that you enjoy our newsletter, and as always, if you have comments or concerns you can reach me at


Francis Fluharty

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